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Our Story

A Look Back – Our Story
The NMCC has a long history evolving into a cohesive institution generating the drive to bring unity to the community. The story began in early 2000, at a time when the Muslim community in Navan was just starting to grow. With no mosque or place of worship, communal prayers were performed in homes and inside Navan Hospital. As the numbers grew a search for a bigger premises took shape. It was during 2006/7 that a committed group of Muslims, led by brother Manzoor Ahmed, hired their first chamber situated adjacent to Navan Arc Cinema on Kennedy Road. In 2009, the move was made to a property in Clonmagadden Park before relocating to a building in Canon Row, where we remain till today. We have been in this premises since 2014, occupying a section of the 3rd floor. The humble beginning culminated into a Centre that has been more than a place of worship providing adequate facilities for our brethren. However, our aspirations were aimed higher and we had an eye to the future.
As the Covid-19 pandemic charted its unprecedented path around the world, we were held back in our quest to make further strides. With the easing of restrictions, a new momentum emerged to further the vision of brother Manzoor Ahmed and to better serve the community. This revival was possible due to the efforts of many and leadership of a few, notably Dr Abdalla Fantazi and Imam Fadhel Chaabane whose support has been invaluable.
This resurgence led to the formation of a company limited by guarantee and on 26th July, 2022, the current Centre was inaugurated and became known as NMCC.